Our guestrooms are traditional japanese style with tatami mat floor. All rooms
are private, but the toilets and baths are shared. We have 8 rooms and can
accommodate up to 8-10 people in our larger rooms. We have two very small
rooms for the single traveler. We can accommodate fairly large groups,
(student,etc) please ask for more details. Rooms include television, green tea
and yukata (japanese pajama)to use while you are here.

Room charges include one dinner and one breakfast. While you are eating
dinner, we set up your futons in the room. After dinner, feel free to return your
room, or relax in the lounge, watch movies, or have a drink. We have a DVD
available and a collection of American movies and Japanese anime.  Drinks
such as tea, cola, wine, beer, shouchu and sake are available 24 hours and
are self serve. You can stay up as late as you like, but please observe the
quiet time at 10 pm, as other guests might like to sleep.